Reporting API (deprecated)

This API gives access to your analytics reports.

Deprecated since version 9.0: On September 20, 2020, this API will be disabled on Piwik PRO Cloud. The tracking API will remain as is.

We recommend you to switch to Analytics (new) reporting API as soon as possible. For more information, see the API migration guide.

Piwik PRO On-premises: The Piwik PRO 9.0 LTS and Piwik PRO 12.0 STS version is the last one that will use this API. You’ll need to switch to the new API after the upgrade to the next version.

A short description of all available reports is available in Analytics. Follow these instructions to access it:

  1. Login into your PPAS instance

  2. Go to Menu > Analytics settings.

    Menu with Analytics setting
  3. Select in the left menu Platform > API.