Authorized HTTP API

POST /api/audiences/v1/profiles/

Stream profiles

Streams profiles belonging to selected audience as a file with selected columns and format. There is a limit of 1,000,000 profiles over which this endpoint will return error 400. Response will be streamed. We strongly recommend using Accept-Encoding: gzip header on the client, as the responses can be huge depending on amount of profiles and exported fields.

Status Codes:
GET /api/audiences/v1/audiences/

List audiences

Returns a list of audiences for specified website.

Query Parameters:
  • website_id (string) – ID of the website.
  • limit (integer) – Maximum number of results to return.
  • offset (integer) – Offset of the paginated results.
  • name (string) – Filter results by a fragment of its name (case insensitive).
  • order_by (string) – Sorting order for the results. Include <code>-</code> prefix in value to get a descending order.
Status Codes: