Metrics Mapping

Names of metrics used in API are different in Analytics classic and Analytics new. If you’re migrating to the Analytics new API then below metrics mapping table will be helpful to you. You can find there a list of metrics used in Analytics classic and their corresponding names in the Analytics new.


Event dimensions can only be used with metrics calculated for an event dimension. Read more.

Simple Metrics

Metric name Legacy API New API
Events nb_actions {"column_id": "events"}
Sessions nb_visits {"column_id": "sessions"}
Visitors nb_uniq_visitors {"column_id": "visitors"}
Users nb_users {"column_id": "users"}
Page views nb_pageviews nb_hits {"column_id": "page_views"}
Unique page views nb_uniq_pageviews {"column_id": "unique_page_views"}
Outlinks nb_outlinks {"column_id": "outlinks"}
Unique outlinks nb_uniq_outlinks {"column_id": "unique_outlinks"}
Downloads nb_downloads {"column_id": "downloads"}
Unique downloads nb_uniq_downloads {"column_id": "unique_downloads"}
Searches - {"column_id": "searches"}
Unique searches nb_searches {"column_id": "unique_searches"}
Custom events nb_events {"column_id": "custom_events"}
Unique custom events - {"column_id": "unique_custom_events"}
Content impressions nb_impressions {"column_id": "content_impressions"}
Unique content impressions - {"column_id": "unique_content_impressions"}
Content interactions nb_interactions {"column_id": "content_interactions"}
Unique content interactions - {"column_id": "unique_content_interactions"}
Content interaction rate interaction_rate {"column_id": "content_interaction_rate"}
Goal conversions



ecommerce conversion was reported as goal conversion for goal_id 0

{"column_id": "goal_conversions"}
Ecommerce conversions {"column_id": "ecommerce_conversions"}
Goal conversions (specific goal) goal_<idGoal>_nb_conversions {"column_id": "goal_conversions", "goal_id": 1}
Ecommerce abandoned carts - {"column_id": "ecommerce_abandoned_carts"}
Goal conversion rate conversion_rate {"column_id": "goal_conversion_rate"}
Ecommerce conversion rate - {"column_id": "ecommerce_conversion_rate"}
Entries entry_nb_visits {"column_id": "entries"}
Entry rate - {"column_id": "entry_rate"}
Exits exit_nb_visits {"column_id": "exits"}
Exit rate



definition switches depending on report

{"column_id": "exit_rate"}
Exit rate (events) {"column_id": "exit_rate_events"}
Bounces bounce_count {"column_id": "bounces"}
Bounce rate



definition switches depending on report

{"column_id": "bounce_rate"}
Bounce rate (events) {"column_id": "bounce_rate_events"}
% of returning visitors - {"column_id": "returning_visitors_rate"}
Visitor IPs - {"column_id": "visitor_ips"}
Events per session



does not include all event types

{"column_id": "events_per_session"}
Unique purchases - {"column_id": "unique_purchases"}

Calculated Metrics


This table does not include every single possible combination of a dimension and a transformation, just some common examples.

Metric name Legacy API New API
Sum of goal revenue revenue ecommerce revenue was reported as goal revenue for goal_id 0 {"column_id": "goal_revenue", "transformation_id": "sum"}
Sum of ecommerce revenue {"column_id": "revenue", "transformation_id": "sum"}
Sum of goal revenue (specific goal) goal_<idGoal>_revenue {"column_id": "goal_revenue", "transformation_id": "sum", "goal_id": 1}
Average generation time avg_time_generation {"column_id": "page_generation_time", "transformation_id": "average"}
Max generation time max_time_generation {"column_id": "page_generation_time", "transformation_id": "max"}
Average time on page avg_time_on_page {"column_id": "time_on_page", "transformation_id": "average"}
Sum of time on page sum_time_spent {"column_id": "time_on_page", "transformation_id": "sum"}
Sum of session time sum_visit_length {"column_id": "session_total_time", "transformation_id": "sum"}
Average session time avg_time_on_site {"column_id": "session_total_time", "transformation_id": "average"}
Max events in session max_actions {"column_id": "session_total_events", "transformation_id": "max"}
Sum of custom events value sum_event_value {"column_id": "custom_event_value", "transformation_id": "sum"}
Average custom events value avg_event_value {"column_id": "custom_event_value", "transformation_id": "average"}

Not available

Name Legacy API Closest equivalent in Analytics new
Number of sessions that converted a goal nb_visits_converted Sessions metric with filter goal_conversions > 0
Number of custom events which had a value set nb_events_with_value Custom events metric with filter custom event value > 0
Number of hits that included generation time information nb_hits_with_time_generation Page views metric with filter page_generation_time > 0
Number of unique visitors that started their visit on this page entry_nb_uniq_visitors -
Number of page views for sessions that started on this page entry_nb_actions Entries metric (all entries are page views now)
Time spent, in seconds, by sessions that started on this page entry_sum_visit_length -
Number of sessions that started on this page, and bounced entry_bounce_count Bounces metric
Number of unique visitors that ended their visit on this page exit_nb_uniq_visitors -
Sum of daily unique visitors over days in the period sum_daily_nb_uniq_visitors No longer relevant, unique visitors are calculated across any period
Sum of daily unique visitors that started their visit on this page sum_daily_entry_nb_uniq_visitors sum_daily_exit_nb_uniq_visitors
Number of times this action was done after a site search nb_hits_following_search -