Once SharePoint integration is enabled, additional metrics and dimensions will become available in the HTTP API.


The table below lists metrics available with SharePoint integration.

SharePoint Metrics
Metric Name Column ID Scope Type
SharePoint shares sharepoint_shares session int
SharePoint likes sharepoint_likes session int
SharePoint comments sharepoint_comments session int
SharePoint promotions sharepoint_promotions session int
SharePoint creations sharepoint_creations session int
SharePoint edits sharepoint_edits session int
SharePoint deletions sharepoint_deletions session int
SharePoint opens sharepoint_opens session int
SharePoint uploads sharepoint_uploads session int
SharePoint item views sharepoint_item_views session int
SharePoint item attachment views sharepoint_item_attachment_views session int
SharePoint item shares sharepoint_item_shares session int


The table below lists dimensions available with SharePoint integration.

SharePoint Dimensions
Dimension Name Column ID Scope Type Nullable Notes
SharePoint display name sharepoint_display_name session str True  
SharePoint office sharepoint_office session str True  
SharePoint department sharepoint_department session str True  
SharePoint job title sharepoint_job_title session str True  
SharePoint shares in session session_total_sharepoint_shares session int False  
SharePoint likes in session session_total_sharepoint_likes session int False  
SharePoint comments in session session_total_sharepoint_comments session int False  
SharePoint promotions in session session_total_sharepoint_promotions session int False  
SharePoint creations in session session_total_sharepoint_creations session int False  
SharePoint edits in session session_total_sharepoint_edits session int False  
SharePoint deletions in session session_total_sharepoint_deletions session int False  
SharePoint opens in session session_total_sharepoint_opens session int False  
SharePoint uploads in session session_total_sharepoint_uploads session int False  
SharePoint item views in session session_total_sharepoint_item_views session int False  
SharePoint item attachment views in session session_total_sharepoint_item_attachment_views session int False  
SharePoint item shares in session session_total_sharepoint_item_shares session int False  
SharePoint action sharepoint_action event [int, str] True sharepoint_action.json
SharePoint object type sharepoint_object_type event [int, str] True sharepoint_object_type.json
SharePoint content type sharepoint_content_type event str True  
SharePoint author sharepoint_author event str True  
SharePoint author’s display name sharepoint_author_display_name event str True  
SharePoint author’s office sharepoint_author_office event str True  
SharePoint author’s department sharepoint_author_department event str True  
SharePoint author’s job title sharepoint_author_job_title event str True  
SharePoint file url sharepoint_file_url event str True  
SharePoint file type sharepoint_file_type event str True