Profile attributes

Profile attributes in Customer Data Platform are populated with values attached to events coming from your website, or those sent through Profile update API. For example, user attribute Medium collects values associated with event data key analytics.medium.

When creating custom attributes, either through UI or Attributes API, you specify from which event data key values will be collected. You can provide an event data key used by another attribute to collect the same data twice (potentially with different aggregations), or a new key to collect data independently.

Events send through Profile update API can specify values for analytics event data keys, as well as custom keys configured during creation of custom user attributes. This allows you to update profile data gathered from your website or enrich profiles with information from other sources, like a CRM system.

Example profile update request body:

  "identifiers": {
    "user_id": ""
  "attributes": {
    "analytics.medium": "newsletter",
    "crm_user_score": "12"

The following table shows all event data keys available right from the start.

Event data key Value description Example Type Notes
analytics.server_time Time of the event "2023-09-11T17:39:31.000000Z" datetime  
analytics.event_url Event URL "" string  
analytics.event_title Event title "Piwik PRO Analytics Suite" string  
analytics.event_type Event type 1 number Possible values: event_type.json
analytics.is_anonymous Whether event is anonymous and should not be saved false bool  
analytics.user_id User identifier "" string When updating profile, this dimension should be sent in user_id property of identifiers
analytics.cookie_id_hex Cookie identifier "8d4dd17c784a6330" string When updating profile, this dimension should be sent in cookie_id property of identifiers
analytics.visitor_id_hex Visitor identifier "af7a891e65ecf95b" string  
analytics.source Source "google" string  
analytics.medium Medium "organic" string  
analytics.source_medium Source / Medium "google / organic" string  
analytics.keyword Keyword "git" string  
analytics.referrer_type Referrer type 2 number Possible values: referrer_type.json
analytics.referrer_url Referrer URL "" string  
analytics.campaign_name Campaign name "spring_sale" string  
analytics.campaign_id Campaign ID "c0172" string  
analytics.campaign_content Campaign content "textlink" string  
analytics.campaign_gclid Campaign gclid "MFIXNyAtIzlqSWgivr-aAfYFHchmPWSuiFI" string  
analytics.operating_system Operating system "WIN" string Possible values: operating_system.json
analytics.operating_system_version Operating system version "10" string  
analytics.browser_name Browser name "FF" string Possible values: browser_name.json
analytics.browser_engine Browser engine "Gecko" string  
analytics.browser_version Browser version "79.0" string  
analytics.browser_language_iso639 Browser language ISO-639 "en" string Possible values: browser_language_iso639.json
analytics.device_type Device type 0 number Possible values: device_type.json
analytics.device_brand Device brand "DL" string Possible values: device_brand.json
analytics.device_model Device model "Vostro 3020 MT" string  
analytics.resolution Resolution "1920x1080" string  
analytics.resolution_width Resolution width 1920 number  
analytics.resolution_height Resolution height 1080 number  
analytics.location_ipv4 IP v4 "" ip  
analytics.location_ipv6 IP v6 "2001:0db8:0:0::1428:57ab" ip  
analytics.location_continent_iso_code Location continent ISO code "EU" string Possible values: location_continent_iso_code.json
analytics.location_country_iso_code Location country ISO code "GB" string When updating profile, must be provided together with location_country_name
analytics.location_country_name Location country name "United Kingdom" string When updating profile, must be provided together with location_country_iso_code
analytics.location_subdivision_1_iso_code Location subdivision 1 ISO code "EN" string When updating profile, must be provided together with location_subdivision_1_name
analytics.location_subdivision_1_name Location subdivision 1 name "England" string When updating profile, must be provided together with location_subdivision_1_iso_code
analytics.location_subdivision_2_iso_code Location subdivision 2 ISO code "CAM" string When updating profile, must be provided together with location_subdivision_2_name
analytics.location_subdivision_2_name Location subdivision 2 name "Cambridgeshire" string When updating profile, must be provided together with location_subdivision_2_iso_code
analytics.location_city_geoname_id Location city geoname ID 11609029 number When updating profile, must be provided together with location_city_name
analytics.location_city_name Location city name "Cambridgeshire" string When updating profile, must be provided together with location_city_geoname_id
analytics.location_provider Location provider "provider" string  
analytics.location_organization Location organization "organization" string  
analytics.location_latitude Latitude 52.36717 number  
analytics.location_longitude Longitude 0.00433 number  
analytics.timing_dom_interactive DOM interactive time (in milliseconds) 743 number  
analytics.timing_event_end Event end time (in milliseconds) 259 number  
analytics.event_custom_dimension_N Event custom dimension "size-m" string  
analytics.session_custom_dimension_N Session custom dimension "hight-contrast-on" string  
analytics.outlink_url Outlink URL "" string  
analytics.download_url Download URL "" string  
analytics.search_keyword Search keyword "running shoes" string  
analytics.search_category Search category "footwear" string  
analytics.search_results_count Search results count 165 number  
analytics.custom_event_category Custom event category "assignment" string  
analytics.custom_event_action Custom event action "assignment-submitted" string  
analytics.custom_event_name Custom event name "Math - Trigonometry - assignment 4" string  
analytics.custom_event_value Custom event value 10 number  
analytics.content_name Content name "promo-video" string  
analytics.content_piece Content piece "" string  
analytics.content_target Content target "" string  
analytics.goal_uuid UUID of the converted goal "18344645-84d3-4544-b870-8df42b24d9f2" string  
analytics.goal_revenue Value of the goal conversion 5 number  
analytics.order_id E-commerce order ID "1634" string  
analytics.order_time Time of the e-commerce order "2023-09-12T09:23:45.000000Z" datetime  
analytics.item_count E-commerce item count 1 number  
analytics.revenue E-commerce order value 35.5 number  
analytics.revenue_subtotal E-commerce order subtotal 25.5 number  
analytics.revenue_tax E-commerce order tax 7.23 number  
analytics.revenue_shipping E-commerce order shipping 10 number  
analytics.revenue_discount E-commerce order discount 5.5 number  
analytics.consent_source Consent source 1 number Possible values: consent_source.json
analytics.consent_form_button Consent form button 1 number Possible values: consent_form_button.json
analytics.consent_scope Consent scope 1 number Possible values: consent_scope.json
analytics.consent_action Consent action 1 number Possible values: consent_action.json
analytics.consent_type_analytics Whether users consents to analytics true bool  
analytics.consent_type_ab_testing_personalization Whether users consents to AB testing and personalization true bool  
analytics.consent_type_conversion_tracking Whether users consents to conversion tracking true bool  
analytics.consent_type_marketing_automation Whether users consents to marketing automation true bool  
analytics.consent_type_remarketing Whether users consents to remarketing true bool  
analytics.consent_type_user_feedback Whether users consents to feedback true bool  
analytics.consent_type_custom_1 Whether users consents to a custom action true bool